Users who try a free app or game with your link will make a donation to your campaign. Every donation requires that users try the free app or game. That implies downloading it, obviously opening it and trying it. If a user opens the app for 5 seconds... it won't count as "trying the app", so the donation won't count either. That's why it's super important to tell your audience to try the apps (play with them, search around, and show a bit of interest...they're all super cool apps!) It's important that the advertisers are also happy because after all, they're the ones paying the free donations!

Unfortunately this process is out of Solidarityapp's hands, it's not our decision or our technology that decides when an app has been tried. Each app or game has a "tracking" technology uses to see when its been tried. They all work, and we always see donations coming from the free apps or games we promote. Sometimes donations show up immediately and everyone is happy but other times donations take longer to show up...sorry. We work hard to make sure every donation shows up as soon you've tried the app.

So how do donations count? In order for a donation to count, the donor must try the app. This means that:
Downloading and eliminating an app won't count.
Trying it only 3 seconds... also doesn't cut it.
A phone emulator... guess what... doesn't work.
Using a VPN? Also nope. ... Only real users trying and exploring apps or games for the first time will count as a successful donation.

Also, in some cases there are free apps or games that will require users complete a specific goal. Like going through the on-boarding, or reaching level 2 of the game. Users will always be notified of this goal before downloading the app. These goals usually have a higher donation payout than the normal 'try the app' donations
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